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  • hygiene


    With the implementation of HACCP , Ikbal Delight protocol is subject to a set of rules and hygiene measures (port combination within the site, sterilization , etc ...) , to keep a level of high require- ment in its production.

    Several rooms are equipped with cooling system ( including one for freezing ) to maintain the freshness of raw materials.

    Personal side , our company also focuses on human potential : for example, every 6 months, our employees participate in training sessions on the subject.

    Recognizing the importance of health aspects in the food area , Ikbal Delight will further improve its levels of demand through the introduction of new measures.

  • certification


    To keep a high level of security requirement Halal, association Achahada control has imple- mented specific process on the production line, and even before.

    Indeed, upstream, the different actors involved in the production process controlled by ACHAHADA must follow instructions inherent in the environment of the animals, their health monitoring, and diet.

    - Before sacrifice, the Achahada controllers validate the health of the animal. Are thus denied the sick animals and / or infirm. In addition, they must be alive and conscious at the time of the slaying. As such, veterinary services perform an ante-mortem examination (= before slaugh- ter) animals before ritual sacrifice. The electrical stunning is not used.

    - Association Achahada control the slaughter of animals by focusing on well-being in accor- dance with Islamic ethics. The priest seeks to not see the knife (that has been sharpened in advance to facilitate bleeding) to the animal, and the other animals are not present at the slaughter of the latter, in order to avoid any stress or panic of the animal. The priest then pronounces the Basmala then performs the sacrifice.

    - Evisceration is performed soon after the slaying. Offal is then recovered, identified and care- fully sealed.

    - At the finish of meat in CEV (Elaboration Meat Centres), the Achahada inspectors inspect any previously sealed container was opened in their presence. The bins will be found open and rejected and ostracized. In addition, during the handling of the products, Achahada ensures that certified Achahada meat and other meats do not come into direct contact. The association also controls the raw materials used in the mix with the meat. Thus, additives and other ingredients used in the product shall be in accordance with the specifications issued by Achahada (eg, no VSM is accepted).

    - After conditioning, the controllers perform Achahada themselves labeling. Sticky labels with the image of Achahada and a tracking number are then affixed to the packaging (verse on the image).